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When Emotions Goes Up, Intelligence Goes Down

I'm going to be real blunt and honest for a moment, but…bare with me…

Some of what’s considered to be the best dixk and secks ..tends to come from the poor mentality having, unevolved, brokest and or laziest men.

The ladies might not agree publicly but I know it’s true and I’ve heard it confirmed privately on many occasions.

Not always but majority of the time a woman will find the most physical pleasure by the most unqualified man and this is why we get baby mamad or never marry bc we confuse orgasms for love and choose penetration over protection.

We hate to admit it bc it means we are unorganized mentally but it’s true.

Men who have no purpose or plan have all the time in the world to get their dixk wet. They free fall into

 pu$$y like it’s their job.. and that’s bc .. it usually is lol. It’s all they’ve mastered. It’s all they’re good at (or at least all they’ve allowed themselves to be good at.) They usually don’t require a lot from you bc they too don’t want you to require a lot from them, but they often please the body so well that you as the woman find yourself compromising your needs in the name of “feeling good.” All he has to do is fuxk you like nobody else ever has and he’s imprinted on you and locked in.. anything else he does will be bare minimum and only enough to give the illusion that he cares and loves you. But he doesn’t.

It’s a tail that has stood the test of time.

Now this is not to say that successful and intentional men are not good in bed or don’t have the ability to please a woman.. I’m not saying that at all.. however I am saying it’s not their only priority. It’s not their life’s work. lol. That’s all I’m saying. There are definitely high value men with quality D, I’m sure. However I don’t think they are as accessible as the broke stroke boys.

Most of the time We be knowing them men ain’t shit lol deep down.. our intuition knows. We just tend to try and dress up good D so we feel better about our poor decisions that we can’t justify.

Edit: I only bring attention to this bc I want us to do better and be better as women. I speak in comical parables at times to lighten the message but in all seriousness my aim is to hold myself and other women accountable for our own actions and that starts with calling a spade a spade.

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