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A Classy Woman Is More Than Just a Pretty Face

Why do certain men go crazy over beautiful women who bring nothing to the table? I believe a large portion is the media industry itself as it programs particular codes within our brain to inform us overall what kind of women we should be attracted to. We are visual creatures and sometimes we have a habit of not peeling back the layers of a beautiful woman. For example, most men will literally use every pick-up line and strategic move to engage a woman who looks like Beyoncé because the mass media applies that this is the definition of a beautiful woman. One who has her complexion, her body type, her face compared to other women they barely promote or ignore. In fact, you can come across a woman who is physically attractive on the outside with a nasty attitude and your inner circle will attempt to influence your decision to wife her. These are men who have low emotional que. The kind of weak-minded men who are extremely superficial because they view women as special objects by putting her character last on their resume list. Most men who have this mindset bypass the natural evaluation to mentally view women who are truly compatible with them. This is where the term thirst comes into play because shallow men put attractive women on a pedestal base on appearance which can have severe consequences. They do not care if she's disrespectful as long as she looks like a trophy on their arm. Not knowing their potential mates inner thoughts, biography or background can cause problems later on in a potential relationship. You see, it goes beyond a pretty smile and a nice body. A woman should be supportive, nurturing, respectful, trustworthy and loyal. That's the definition of a woman who brings MORE than her looks to the table. Here are some deep layers of a woman that you may want to look into beyond her looks.

Spirituality Grounded: Believers mix with non-believers leads to conflicting ideologies which can create problems down the road.

Financially Stable: Gold digger is the old school term for non-independent women who selfishly want a man to provide them with materialistic gifts without earning them. In other words she will be a financial burden to you. Be mindful; make sure she is a goal getter. This way you both can financially work towards your goals together.

Mental Stimulation: It should be more than just sex to engage a woman. Sex should be an extra bonus. The truth of the matter is a woman of your choosing should be able to hold a conversation. Nothing is worse than having a good looking woman who is simple-minded, love drama and lacks good communication skills.

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