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Rich In Character My Sisters Are Missing Out On Good Men

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

When we first met she did not judge or view me as a price tag. There was no requirement to take her to an expensive restaurant or provide her with a lavish gift to get her to like or accept me. In fact, our first date was walking around my area for 2 hours straight mainly focus on each other. Our second date was a night picnic on the beach with a basket filled with fruits along with two glasses of red wine. We simply enjoyed each other's company. That's when I knew she was the one and the rest is history. She value my character. Not my status nor my wallet.

To my good brothers out there, you're NOT obligated to give her a lavish gift or take her to the most expensive restaurant. If she calls you cheap then that's a red flag because it displays her superficial character. A woman who likes you wouldn't view you in this manner and would enjoy being in your presence without you having to prove your worth to her. A man who knows his worth does not put anyone on a high pedestal, especially a woman he barely knows. Also, cashapping women based on their looks and using it as bait to get their attention is simply simp behavior. To my single classy women; allow the man to lead. Be appreciative which will set you apart from the countless entitlement women out there. And lastly, avoid scammers and so call love gurus who don't practice what they preach.

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