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Cinderella Syndrome

Relationships are hard and all couples have disagreements. No one has a problem free life so certain issues will arise and how to get through them will be base on how you communicate, how you comprehend and how you compromise. There are so many women who are going through life feeling worthless and empty, not being able to escape a relationship because they don’t feel worthy of pulling themselves up and walking away. Other women are so scared due to past relationships that they tend to let it drag into their new one which can cause a lot of problems. When this occurs, most women are so bruised and battered from previous bad relationships that they end up sabotaging a potential healthy relationship. For certain women who experienced heartache and pain subconsciously take out their frustration on a good man and still expect him to embrace her extreme negative behavior is what I call the “Cinderella Syndrome.” It is an entitlement behavior when a woman vision her knight in shining armor to come and rescue her from her unresolved trauma or past relationship issues. Based on these circumstances a man cannot diagnose her past or fully unpack her baggage, only she can. If a woman with this mindset does not seek help then mass media and her negative surroundings will be her blueprint. Breaking down the distinctions between the media and negative associates is important to know.

A woman who is not aware of her surroundings will follow the advice of women who bash men whether it be social media or her favorite celebrity role model. Even a woman’s close friend who has been hurt from a variety of cheating men due to her poor choices and a lack of accountability will influence her friend that ALL men are not good. This constant deflector is primarily reactive or based off of feelings and the source of direction in her life may be tied to this misinformation. This false narrative creates a vicious cycle where she gets hurt over and over again based on her friend’s endorsement, social media and her celebrity role models. To end this pain she must reach out for help, change her surroundings and self-reflect so she can properly heal to attract her natural counterpart.

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