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Your Emotions Should Never Override Your Logic

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

From my perspective masculine men are ALWAYS emotionally center. It’s disappointing to see a man lose control due to external influence. It's obvious who is more masculine and more feminine within their relationship. From my perspective Chris Rock handled it like a gentleman. He was startled, and then he went right back to provide Questlove his moment to shine. He handled things appropriately, even when a guy comes up and slaps you in front of the whole world. It’s not appropriate behavior and if it was me I would have had a man to man conversation with him based on his insensitive joke, but Will Smith’s actions, potentially, could cause somebody that follows his example to lose their life. For those who are validating his point to follow this poor example then you may try this on the wrong person one day who may pull out a gun or a knife to end your life. Violence should ALWAYS be apply when necessary, not as a first reaction. Emotions should NEVER override your logic.

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