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Never put Your Instagram or Facebook Ahead of Your Relationship

Today’s social media is like a hybrid program between traditional on-screen drama and TMZ filled with rumors mix with secrecies. Some people believe their likeability status on FB or IG can attract someone else outside of their relationship even if they have someone good in their life. No relationship is perfect but when you have disagreements with your significant other it should stay within your private realm. Instead, disagreements are broadcast on Social Media for the world to see which can further down spiral your relationship nose first to the ground. Here are some simple tips that can help you maintain a healthy relationship with your partner in this electronic age we are living in.

Tip# 1. Keep your relationship private.

If your woman just manhandles you and told you to pack your stuff and get out please keep your confrontations to yourself. Nothing is worse by sharing your negative experience with the world which will have numerous relatives, family members and pundits interfering in your relationship. It can have a profound impact if either you or your woman’s mind is easily influence by someone else’s opinion. This may lead to dramatic decisions you may regret later on especially if it is a solid foundation you both built together.

Tip# 2. Your likeability status pertaining to your pictures does NOT equal your relationship.

Posting positive professional pictures of yourself and others to create a photo album to share wonderful memories is a great idea however if your objective is to get someone to like you by posting half naked pictures along with negative content can destroy what you have. It is a double edge sword because yes you would like someone to click ‘like’ underneath your FB/IG picture to make yourself more universal. Also, it is a great confidence booster; however your profile should be ‘like’ for the moments you share, advertising your business or motivating someone else to do well in their life. Unfortunately social media has been use as a tool to cheat on their other half who has been good to them. Some purposely post half naked pictures to attract thirsty weak-minded fools to take them out to lavish restaurants which can lead to affairs. The domino effect is place since your other half can sense your emotional connection is not as strong as before because you’re sharing a huge portion of it with someone who does not want to build a future with you. IG/FB helps create “False Advertising” which means pretending to be someone else to appeal to a person who you are attracted to. Always be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more down the road.

Tip# 3. Post positive affirmations pertaining to your relationship.

IG/FB can be used to broadcast the good aspects on relationships. Average outsiders may develop ways to show their significant other how much they really do love them by following your examples. Listen, if your check-in status is at a Day Spa including your woman with a touch of word play, “Enjoying this moment with my love one,” can reflect the mindset on how a real man should treat a real woman.

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