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Rules of Engagement

In order to reduce the number of unqualify partners your Rules of Engagement must be established. Your Rules of Engagement means your guidelines and principles which is extremely important. Now, I am not stating to tell your whole life story on your first date but you want to market yourself as a confident person who wants to build with someone who is serious. You communicate your values, your beliefs which will be the key to obtain the relationship you desire. I believe you must set expectations and let the person you dating know what you are looking for from the very beginning. If that person is not showing you that they are not committed for a relationship then let them go, physically, emotionally and spiritually. If you remain to be tag along with someone who demonstrate that they are not serious then you are accepting their Rules of Engagement. You are then hindering yourself to the Tripe AAA thought process and no this is not road service. Triple AAA means you ALLOW this person to run the relationship that will only benefit them. You ACKNOWLEDGE their way of thinking and finally you ACCEPT their rules or guidelines. Waiting for someone to change without any form of boundaries can have severe consequences because you may become emotionally attach if you are intimate with that particular person. Do not put yourself in a position to be hurt. Always prepare and position yourself for the right person to come along. Remember, good things comes to those who take action...not to those who wait.

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