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Sometimes our Leaders are Misleaders

This is why you have to stay in tune with your vibrational state and continue to work on your flaws. Once you prepare and position yourself you will attract quality men. However, the key is to vet properly and you do this by putting his character FIRST before everything else, including his wallet. In other words, you don’t have to go to some fancy restaurant on a consistent basis at the beginning of your courtship, that should come later. Pay attention to the man's creative output and his wisdom so you can determine if he's a substantial investment or a true leader. Another key element is establishing healthy boundaries so you can hold the men you attract accountable, and you don't tolerate any low quality behavior for any period of time. A man with substance, good morals, good character will respect your boundaries which will set him apart from the countless men who pretend that they are leaders. Misleaders will try to lead with their wallet in exchange from what you offer downstairs, they will try to control and manipulate you but as long as you stick to your principles and morals they will quickly learn that their journey with you will never begin. In fact, you as a classy woman understand that your most valuable resource is your time and should not be given away for free. It should be given to people who appreciate and value you.

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