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Why Rotate the Bench when you have the Most Valuable Player

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Good men are overshadowed by their dog counterpart in numerous ways. Most men with a “coach mentality” would rather have a full bench of women at their disposal. A true man would want a “MVP”, one who is able to play all positions without any substitutions. Part of the reason why men rotate women like replaceable parts is due to imitation codes transmitted to their brain from the media which influence weak minded men. Selling and marketing is a human element which affects every waking moment of your life. Some weak-minded men observe how celebrities use persuasive skills and also how they brand themselves to attract multiple women for their pleasure. In this generation some women accept the position as a side chick because they feel there is no string attach. Let me be clear; as long as you are dating with good intentions there is nothing wrong with talking to numerous women. However, some men use false advertising as a perfect guy who desires a long-term relationship when it’s not the case and use women’s emotional aura to gain access to their temple. This is damaging on both sides because men in this position lose the possibility of a true companion and for the women, she loses the hope of a long-term healthy relationship and time. Having a MVP is much better and here are some reasons why.

1. Less Draining

When you have a MVP it saves you energy. Rotating women off the bench is time consuming especially if you have different women located in different parts of the state. Think about the wear and tear on your vehicle, the attention you have to give each one, the different personalities you have to juggle. Just not worth it.

2. Stability and building

You cannot build a future with multiple women because drama will eventually find you. Even if you have one main one it will overtime crumble because what is done in the dark will always come to the light. Women are emotional people who desire a man’s time and effort. If your time and attention is lacking with one or if your routine changes it will have a negative effect on your main relationship. Having a MVP saves you the trouble to focus on one woman who you can value and build an everlasting solid foundation with.

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