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A Woman Can Either Be an Asset or a Liability

I had to make one more post on the subject bc it’s a trending argument that Men like to have, they push this narrative onto single mothers of possibly having unruly, ungrateful kids that never respect the step father… and that’s their reason of not wanting to walk into that scenario…, when in reality that’s not even usually the case, most kids especially as they age are thankful and form s bond with the man that stayed…

HOWEVER if and when this is true and this IS in fact the case ..: it’s usually the mothers fault due to her faulty parenting BUTTTTTT that goes back to the man choosing the wrong woman.

If a man consciously chooses to take on a woman with kids he should make it his business and it is his priority to vet her properly and observe her parenting and the relationship she has with her kids and how they interact with him looonggg before he fully invests into that family dynamic. On top of that if HE consciously chooses that dynamic it then becomes a priority of HIS to learn how to co exist in the family he is building. It’s up to YOU as a man to make known what’s acceptable and what’s not and then stand on it or walk away.

Accountability. Thank ya.

Edit: I’m not here to try and convince anybody to do or be anything that don’t want to do or be! Yet to stir the pot bc I’m tired of the poorly thought out half baked perspective’s people hold.

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