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Beauty is NOT Enough

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Men, you have the power to change. Your standard of living and philosophical mindset based on thirsty behavior is not setting a good example. Classy women will throw you automatically into the rejected pile if they sense this way of thinking. What concerns me the most is how brothers market themselves onto the dating scene and the assumption they make when they speak to a beautiful woman. Money flashers believe it is a walk in the park that they can get any woman they want. Most thirsty men try to impress women with their financial assets. They believe this technique will force a woman to throw herself at their feet. When fantasy becomes reality or they get rejected they proclaim that a woman is stuck up which is far from the truth. To be honest, no sophisticated sister wants to be whistle, bark at or grab in an awkward way from a stranger and I do not blame them. I have a daughter, and I expect men to treat my little princess as a human being when she gets older, not an object of lust. If you are one of these men, it is time to internalize new information on how to become a Millennium Gentleman. Here are some quick tips.

Hey sexy, come here!

The first step is to begin to incorporate beauty with everything around you. At first it may be challenging for you to resist a voluptuous woman who may give you a nice smile or a little attention. Instead of pressing on the gas pedal to chase her down just to get her attention you must learn how to slow things down. Once you reprogram your mind to include beauty into everything, her stunning looks will not affect you at all. In fact, you will be more interested if she has substance to offer you. She will find this extremely attractive and see that you are a man who has potential.

Grabbing her arm to get her attention

This non-verbal technique is a big turn off. Body language is just as or even more important than verbal. Instead of grabbing her arm you may want to approach her like a gentleman. Always keep your back straight, walk slow and speak with confidence along with a smile. Trust me, she will appreciate this approach because it singles that you have value within yourself and you don’t need to bark at any female to get her attention.

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