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Break The Generational Curse

As a man, if you grew up with a single mother, you have to spiritually separate from her struggles, while maintaining a healthy loving relationship with her. Many men from a single mother are so emotionally tied and caught up in the struggles of growing up with a single mother, they literally repeat the actions of their father.

A man can truly honor his single mother by marrying and leading a woman that's good to and for him. Not crying tears to a woman he's dating repeatedly. "Yea cause Mama had to struggle and I feel guilty that I couldn't be that man." No, MF you were thirteen. How you honor this situation is by making sure your future thirteen year old don't go through the same trauma. Breaking generational curses.

There is entirely too much of a destructive narrative that sons of a single mother have to "make up" for what an absent father was supposed to do. "I gotsss to buysss big Mama that big house cause of everythingss we went throughss." No. I rebuke it NOW. Delete me. I don't care. No MF focus on becoming the most masculine supreme version of yourself for YOU and your future wife. Through that of course you should be generous to your mother. You repay the past by becoming a beast in the present to dominate in the future.

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