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Character Should Always Come First

Instead of growing together and cultivating a healthy relationship so many people only want the finished project. This whole debate on 50/50 relationships and struggle love I believe our distractions that further divides us. There are plenty of good financially stable men that get look over due to certain sisters who are conditioned to put finances before a man's character. This is part of the reason why we have so many failed relationships because settle moments and emotional connections are replace with luxury items, vacations and a sense of entitlement. Now let me be CLEAR, I am not referring to the broken men who are not responsible, or do not have a purpose in life. I am referring to men who have a purpose in life even if they don't have a 6 figure income. All they need is a little nudge or support to help them get to the next level. A sister with feminine grace can fuel a man's masculine energy. My sister Natima shared an article “According to experts, materialistic people are often narcissistic and have low self-esteem and poor relationships.” The article went on to say that “we have mastered substituting stuff for love.” It's a valid point to be made as to why our marriages, friendships and relationships don’t last. We are so fixated on having things that we are no longer open to feeling things. Certain men need that extra bit of nurturing and inspiration to keep them dedicated towards their actions. As a happily married man, my wife and I embrace an interdependence relationship which means two independent individuals who rely on each other. Collectively, if we begin to change our mindset and focus on character first then I believe we will have more healthy relationships and focus on the important traits that can build a strong solid foundation.

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