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Classy Women Love Confident Men

Men: I'll tell you a secret that women won't tell you because most don't even realize it themselves:

Women love when men they don't know come up to them and tell them they are beautiful.

They also love when those men tell them to smile.

They also love when they are told to uncross their arms or take off their sunglasses or to walk with you.

They also love being asked for their number or asked on a date 5 minutes after meeting them.

They are totally fine with being taken to coffee shops, or a walk in the park, or pretty much anywhere other than a smelly garbage dump for a first date.

They are going to get turned on if you touch them or even kiss them less than an hour into the first date (though some truly need more time... read the room)

But, not so fast:

This stuff won't work if you act like a creepy weirdo.

This stuff won't work if you act like a sexualized pervert.

This stuff won't work if you act like an insecure nerd.

This stuff won't work if you act like a people pleasing simp.

Women are only going to be cool with all of this if you are the RIGHT kind of guy.

And by that I don't mean being rich or having model quality looks (though that stuff sure wouldn't hurt).

What I mean is you need to be DOMINANT. You have just the right amount of power and love and authenticity in everything you say and do.

You need to fully know your worth as a man...

You also need to fully have love in your heart for women...

And finally you need to be fully 100% confident, congruent, and genuine in your actions.

To improve your odds, you also need to do this somewhere that ISNT a gender studies classroom with woke pink haired easily offended man haters.

And then you can get away with pretty much anything (though, if you do care for women, do everything with integrity, consider their sensitive hearts, and focus on finding a woman to claim).

What I'm getting at is you must be a DOMINANT MAN.

This isn't an innate trait. It's an energetic that you can live in all day long, by learning how to heal your wounds and show up radically different.

Women can smell it on you a mile away.

Whether they know it or not, whether they admit it or not, you'd absolutely make her day if you came over to her, told her she's gorgeous, teased her about not smiling enough, and then led her over to the nearest coffee place for a so called 'low effort' coffee date.

I know this, because I've done it. Many, many times.

Women aren't offended. They are grateful.

Grateful that a man is actually being a man, and actually treating her like a woman.

You can learn how to do all of this too.

Stop listening to women about what they think they want or what they say they are offended by.

Stop submitting to their judgments and expectations of what a man should or shouldnt be or do.

Instead, listen to men who know.

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