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Confidence is Very Attractive

Fellas even if you don’t consider yourself to be conventionally attractive, just focus on your confidence and masculinity. I PINKY PROMISE you, your options will increase almost instantly, once you get over the fact that you’re no Morris chestnut or Jason Mamoa.

Let that go. Work with what you have. Make YOU work for YOU.

Ima be honest, a woman will overlook the absence of non traditional “good features” when a man’s energy speaks louder than his looks!!! So why you sleeping on yourself bc you wasn’t gifted with a media approved face, the woman of your dreams is falling in love with another man that’s half as good looking as you all bc he knew he was still THAT GUY!

Go shopping, get some new outfits, switch it up a little, buy some cologne, get a little jewelry, don’t have to be nothing to major, make sure you’re lotioned down, lips moisturized, beard is oiled, hands are clean, read a few books or listen to a few podcasts on tapping into your masculinity, strengthen your walk, improve your stance, be intentional with your mannerisms, get around some brothers that’s moving how you wanna move, get under someone’s leadership or partner with someone who has the confidence and is producing results…get out of your head and get into your body.

You got this king.

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