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Expectation is a Sense of Entitlement

My whole thought process and being surrounded by men who own several businesses, definitely financially stable *high income bracket* have plenty of options and are looking for the most feminine woman and least entitle. To my sisters, when you expect or demand a stranger to highly invest in you without even knowing you, you are simply leading with entitlement behavior and it's such a red flag. To the men who use this tactic looking for that special woman, keep in mind if you're in your masculine core the money is truly a non-factor. If you’re confident, interesting, fun and provide her with your undivided attention then the right woman will have an AMAZING time with you. You can still show a woman you can lead, provide, and protect by vetting her properly without having to use an excessive amount. It's like anything else in life, do your research FIRST before you see if she's worth investing in. If a woman can't enjoy your company in getting to know you for you whether it's a walk in the park, open mic poetry, going to the museum despite the tons of money you possess then move on because she doesn't deserve your resources, time or protection. Move on, until you find that special one in which you will voluntarily devote your resources, time and protection to versus one who expects and demands you to give her your resources, time and attention to.

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