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If He Can't Lead Himself Then He Can't Lead a Relationship

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Well, I’m gonna break it down from the man’s perspective. Now to use this analogy biblically wise you ever noticed that in the creation story, God gave Adam a job BEFORE he created Eve. It seems that ever since the beginning of time the relationship between man, his work, and his woman had already been set in motion, in other words the natural order of things have already been invented. And the reality is, it’s very difficult for a brother to take on the responsibilities of being a future husband if he isn’t already engaged in sort of work. If the man you’re engaged with is NOT working or have a history of not holding on to a job or have some sort of passionate pursuit in life then you may end up becoming his surrogate mother, his maid and his sexual gratification all into ONE. I know it's a hard pill to swallow because too many women want to love and mother a man back into wholeness instead of allowing a whole man to find her. And a whole man is one who understands the 3 pillars of being a man which consist of: Lead, Protect and Provide. So, to my sisters out there, while you explore your options be mindful when a brother blames everything and everybody else holding him back or refuse to take any accountability of his actions as to why he’s stuck in one lifeless position while everything else in life is moving forward it’s a sign of a brother who is waiting for something to happen instead of taking action. This is pure logic and to the brothers who refuse to improve themselves and do not have some sort of legal pursuit that adds value to the economic marketplace; you need to understand that classy women are attracted to a man who has a lot of drive, a lot of ambition and one who is financially stable which puts her in her natural feminine state. Let me be clear, financially stable doesn’t mean you must have the most money, the biggest house or the hottest car. What it means is that you have goals, you have a job or a career or you have your own business but most importantly you have a purpose in life.

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