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Imperfection is Perfection

I know I am probably going to get a lot of heat for this, but you guys know that I am TRUE to myself before I will ever be to anyone else. I believe a lot of women cannot and have not gotten acquainted with their inner selves deeply and have struggled with imposter syndrome as a result of religion and a lack of understanding of God's love. Hear me out....

So many of us were too busy doing, performing, serving, striving for perfection, and being conditioned to wear a mask to ever be authentic. Let's be honest, "come as you are" is a joke in MOST places. Actively walk in our conditions at the expense of never being true to yourself is really what a lot of that means. Don't buck, disagree, view things differently, or think critically is also what that means in many instances. Perhaps, what you are thinking is double-mindedness is just who you are fighting against who you want to be seen as, or who you are being conditioned to be.

How can you be authentic if you believe you are damaged, to begin with, and are busy working like the little engine that could, trying to prove your worth to God and fight your imperfections, as opposed to just being and basking in LOVE? Yes, y'all know I know all about sanctification and Paul telling us to work out our own salvation. I also believe in the finished Work of Christ and the conditions for which He died for me. Anywho, I am in my writer's vein today and thought I would share some of my ponderings

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