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Read Between The Lines My Love

Darlings - if you constantly get men in your DM's saying "GM beautiful" or "Hey Goddess" with nothing else it means you're not magnetizing men who are SERIOUS and DESIRE Forever love-

It doesn't mean they aren't out there.

It means there is an aspect of your beauty, your divinity, your YOU that you're leaving off the table.

And a false self you're presenting instead unknowingly.

That faux you is just as passè as barbie core and just as exhausting to pull off.

The real you has depth and complexity and requires a love that can meet that.

A love that is that.

You don't need a list of rules - you're not in school

You don't need a bunch of flags- whether they're red or beige or green

You require something with more nuance, more sophistication and elevation that meets your desire for love.

A love that your BEING can't live without because you know it is the ESSENCE of you.

Not a connection based on survival, needing a man to make you look good, or fund your life.

In fact that sort of high priced call girl masquerading as "love" makes you throw up in your mouth a bit.

You're not a child impressed by sprinkles

You're a woman who plays in gold dust.

You're not a princess seeking someone to make you into a queen.

You're already ruling in your own right.

You don't need to make men feel small for you to feel big.

You cant stomach the weak wilting version of Femininity presented by many.

You are seriously turned off by the ideas of the perfect man as one who fawns in adoration at your feet. (~blech~)

Yet the "Me man, you woman" scenario that is shown as polarity is also so... flat.

Like last weeks Dom left on the counter.

You're beautiful.

Soft and tender as a Flame.

Strong and resilient as Water.

Complex and Intelligent as Consciousness itself.

You've Mastered your Craft in so many realms.

Now it's time to bring it all forward.

And to call Love Home.

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