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Patriarchy is Not Your Enemy

If you think Patriarchy means oppression of women you are absolutely INCORRECT. This is the NEW definition created in the late20th century.

Let’s understand what Patriarchy REALLY is and how the removal of it actually seeks to remove Freedoms and Sovereignty.

Patriarchy etymology:

Latin patriarcha (Tertullian), from Greek patriarkhēs "chief or head of a family," from patria "family, clan," from pater "father" (see father (n.)) + arkhein "to rule" (see archon).

In other words the actual word for FAMILY comes from Father (we’ll get back to this) And Patriarchy simply means Father or family rule.

Patriarchy then is not a system that oppresses women (an idea that was CREATED by second wave feminists in the 70s) but a system where the society is ruled by the FAMILY.

It must be understood that The Marxist Feminists who began to change this definition did not want Family Rule but rather Government Rule. A Government created after their own image.

The Government as being the provider of everything that men provided.

In order for this to happen... the ONLY way this can occur is to get WOMEN to do a few things...

See men as oppressors innately See men as dangerous See men as problematic See the family as herself and her children See men as a threat to her children Desire weak men because they’re “safer”

This places women in a position of being easily manipulated and leveraged into needing and receiving assistance and support from the government.

The same support she used to receive from the Man that took Responsibility for the Family. Because it is HIS family.

In fact so deep is this issue that the capacity to CHOOSE a viable Spouse is being bred out of women entirely. Because women don’t think they “need” a man and many women want to prove and be independent FROM men, they pick partners who are safer more controllable boys... not MEN.

And because men are taught that being more docile, trainable, understanding, emotional are desired traits... they are stunting their growth to be acceptable to women.

Feminism doesn’t HATE men they say... but if you desire to castrate (remove their power), imprison them (by making masculine behaviors illegal), control their communication and emotions (by making the only “right way” to communicate your way), encourage them from a young age that being a woman is better (affirm and support young males who say they want to be girls, encourage boys to wear dresses, makeup and polish... while condemning or ignoring any traditionally masculine behaviors) ... what exactly do you call that?

No beloved the patriarchy isn’t the issue. It’s the SOLUTION.

Without men there IS no family Fathers define family. And Family is NOT the shackles and prison you’ve been taught.

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