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Stop Selling Thirsty Tactics

Selling is everywhere around you and most brothers who are not pros do it every day in one form or another. The reason why Thirsty Brothers get rejected or taken advantage of so often is because they are selling themselves as desperate boys. If this is how you market yourself you will NEVER attract a real intellectual classy woman in your life. You have to change your mindset from stalking women with thirsty tendencies and evolve into a confident Professional Persuader. A Professional Persuader is a confident Man who is well grounded, intelligent and takes calculated risks. Verbal and non-verbal communication along with confidence are key elements in engaging classy women. As I mentioned in my previous blogs, men should always be the ones to make the first move ONLY if she shows that she is interested. Men must make an informed decision about which women to approach. A Professional Persuader can deduct a green flag to see if a woman is interested in them. Thirsty brothers do the complete opposite and tend to ignore red flags whether verbally or non-verbally yet they still give chase. That's what I call a bad sales lead because they wasted their valuable time on someone who is not interested. In fact, these particular brothers first call to action should be to screen out their prospects because they cannot take it to the next level if that particular woman is in a relationship or flat out not align with what they are looking for. It's also mandatory to have thick skin in the dating game and remain emotionally center or within frame if you get turn down. Take it from a Professional Persuader, when he gets rejected his main weapon to inadequate feelings created by failure is enthusiasm. YES, he keeps it moving until he comes across another sister who may be interested compare to a Thirsty Brother who continues to waste his time on a non-interested woman. Don’t let this be you, layout the playing field and do your research beforehand. Change your mindset and you will become even more attractive to get the type of woman you desire.

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