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Strength Is Essential

When women sense weakness in their men, especially when they act needy, fearful and insecure, they typically will back away. A weak man has weak principles, weak morals, and no backbone. A woman simply cannot trust a man like this because weak men have difficulty getting their own needs met and therefore they won’t be able to meet the needs of those dependent on them. Being emotionally center is the key component to chip away that weakness and convert it to strength. Women are really attracted to leadership and a certain assertiveness/confidence. Sometimes a man who display weak traits doesn’t have these characteristics and it is needed to create a foundation which is the most important element in any construction. Strength will attract the right woman who possesses both internal and external qualities that you are looking for in order to build an incredible life together. Anything less than this and you are devaluing yourself as a man and making yourself less attractive to women. Keep in mind that the good feelings, worthiness, and validation that you want from a woman are all things that you can give yourself, which frees you to give pure value to a woman since you don’t need anything from her.

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