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Uncommitted Pleasure Does Not Equal Committed Obligations

Is it okay to ask a man to pay for your basic necessities if you’re not in a committed relationship? From my perspective if there are no ‘Rules of Engagement’ established and you decided to skip the friend zone/intimacy stage then that man is NOT obligated to pay your bills. This is a very common trait that a lot of women fall prey to and believe that their ‘sexual temple’ has more value than a man’s ‘financial funds’ and that’s definitely not the case. No woman’s ‘sexual temple’ alone can control or force a man to pay your bills in exchange for casual sex and I’ll tell you why. Men are visual and sexual in nature and most ‘Financial wolves’ understand the concept that you have the same physiology that a billion other women have as well. They will use their verbal skills and financial power to hook you in for a physical encounter. Sex clouds good sound judgement and within your vulnerable state this will open the door for a pretender to walk right in. One who gives the illusion of being a good provider, a great man or one who will come to your rescue like your knight in shining armor.

By becoming emotionally attached to a man you truly don't know puts you at a disadvantage because you will never know his true intentions based on a false belief that a man is obligated to pay your bills in exchange for uncommitted sex. I believe both genders are designed equally to a degree on the same level related to casual sex so if you’re having uncommitted sex with a man who is uncommitted, then don't expect him to pay your bills unless you're willing to do the same. Keep in mind that the relationship is only transactional and just because he refused to pay his way doesn’t apply that he’s not a good provider or he’s not a good man (especially if he applied at the beginning that he is not looking for NO committed relationship). Instead it applies that he has amazing persuasive skills to achieve his end goal. Sadly, you help him to achieve his goal based on your false belief on how a man should behave as well as your teachings. Every decision we make comes with accountability and it’s up to you to place the odds in your favor for the best results to get the kind of commitment you desire.

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